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The Importance of Core Strength in Ballet

The Importance of Core Strength in Ballet Your core is your center of gravity and all movement begins there, according to Dr. Robert Donatelli in an article for SportsMD website. The core stabilizes the legs and mobilizes bones, allowing movement. A ballet dancer needs strong core muscles to perform lifts, stabilize the torso during leaps […]

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9 Health Benefits of Dance

9 Health Benefits of Dance These days, people love to watch other people dance. Competitive dance shows like So You Think You Can Dance and Dancing With the Stars are dominating the world of reality television. What you may not realize, however, is that if you get off the couch and dance yourself, it’s a […]

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How to make a Ballet Bun

Dampen Hair A ballerina bun hairstyle might look complicated, but it’s actually quite simple do achieve. As long as your hair is long enough to pull into a ponytail, making a bun should be easy. It may take a little practice but your hair will be ballet-ready in no time. You will begin by combing […]

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