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RE-OPENING VIDEO 2.5-5 YEARS Studio C Entrance

RE-OPENING VIDEO 6+ Main Entrance


COVID-19 Procedures for In-Person Classes 

DDA now has an Air and Surface Purification System which uses NASA technology and 
air filters in every dance room.


  • Covid-19 Waiver must be accepted from your online account or printed & submitted before attending in person classes. See below or click here
    Dancers WILL NOT be allowed into the building without a submitted release form.
  • Dancer IDENTIFICATION FORM -Please download attachment, print, input your dancer’s name and hold up at DDA during every dancer pick up
  • Parents/Guardians must complete a Covid-19 Questionnaire- see below


An online questionnaire asking about symptoms, recent interactions and travel must be filled out before every visit to the studio. You can save the link to this and fill it on the day that you are coming to see us, or you’ll be able to access via our website. Anyone experiencing symptoms will not be allowed to enter.


  • Before coming to studio make sure you have completed/submitted the required documents above and printed your Dancer Identification Form for child pick up.
  • Dancers should use restroom BEFORE arriving at the studio.  Bathrooms are limited to one dancer at a time.
  • Children must come dressed for class (NO CHANGING ROOM).  
  • Students must bring hand sanitizer and use it prior to leaving the studio.  
  • NO FOOD is permitted until further notice
  • Bring water, fountain may not be used at this time
  • Everyone above the age of 2 will be required to wear a face covering until further notice. For dancers ages 2-5yrs, we require masks to be work in all common areas. While we prefer that they are worn in class for 2-5yrs, if unable to do so they must maintain social distancing.  If an exercise becomes too strenuous for a dancer 6+, they may step outside the classroom door to take a moment or remove/lower it down during that period of time to breath easier.  Especially if it is inhibiting their health.  CDC Mask Recommendations 
  • Please arrive/line up 7 minutes before your scheduled class start time.  We cannot guarantee admittance into the Academy if you are late to class.  Please understand tardiness will disrupt the entire class. Once class has started, teacher will be unable to assist any late dancers.
  • Parents or Guardians will NOT be permitted to enter the facility beyond the designated drop-off and pick-up area (certain exceptions will be made by DDA staff)- If child ages 2-5yrs. is having a difficult time coming into the school on 1st day of classes, 1 parent/guardian may walk child to studio A & D entrance door.
    IF there is an emergency requiring a parent to enter the facility they must sanitize hands before
    entering and wear a mask.  While in the facility they must practice social distancing and remain 6ft
    from all other people, except own child.
  • Parents/Guardians for ages 5 and under (or any age where assistance is needed) must remain in their car or outside for the duration of class (unless you are comfortable with us taking your child to restroom if assistance is needed)                                                                                                 
  • 6’ social distancing                                                                                                   
  • 1 parent/guardian must park and stand in line with child at 6ft. markings at drop off until you reach check in.                                                                                                                                                                       Upon arrival DDA Staff will
  1. Check child’s temperature with contactless thermometer/ If temperature is over 100.4 F, dancer must go home (contact us for access to a virtual class make-up)
  2. Apply hand sanitizer
  • Each studio entrance will have different shoe changing protocols which will be emailed to each class. Either shoe covers will be required to be worn over dance shoes from car directly to studio entrance or dancer must remove their street shoes in designated shoe changing area and put them inside a separate bag in your backpack. 
  • Dancers will be allowed to bring ONE small backpack to store their personal belonging.  For dancers ages 2.5-5yrs (except for Hip Hop Kidz program) will use their dance prop kit instead of dance bag.  
  • Social distancing signs and floor markings will be present through out the facility. 
  • Class sizes limited to the amount of people allowed in space.
  • 6ft. dance squares ensure that all dancers remain safe, and have enough room to dance it out while learning together and having fun!
  • Students, no hugging, handshaking or contact is permitted.
  • While our masked instructors will do their best to maintain a 6ft distance, dancers will need assistance/comfort at times. Please contact us if you are uncomfortable with our team helping your child.
  • Parents must park and wait outside. Staff will escort dancers outside promoting social distancing.  Please promptly pick up your child when class is over.  We will be strictly enforcing a $20 late pick up fee while these “social distancing” procedures are in place.
  • Class times may be shortened 5-10 minutes if needed to prepare for a safe dismissal at end of each class. 
  • All payments must be done online or over the phone
  • DDA is following State and CDC guidelines in regards to disinfecting and sanitizing surfaces. 15 minutes has been allotted in between each class to allow for cleaning and disinfecting.
  • Should the state mandate a studio closure classes will continue virtually.  Tuition will remain the same for any amount of time spent doing virtual classes. 
    *The above procedures & protocols are subject to changes

Thank you so very much for your kindness and support during this difficult time in history.

We look forward to seeing you at DDA soon!


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