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Children & Teen Classes (4 months-18)

DDA Class Descriptions

Music and Movement Program (4 months- 2.5 years)- 40 minute Parent/Child Classes
These interactive, playful, nurturing classes below enhance your child’s learning, social, & gross motor skill development through music, singing, dancing, props, play, stretching, story-time, movement activities, instrument exploration & more!

  • Little Groovers (4-10 months)
  • Mini Movers (10-19 months)
  • Movin' Toddlers (19-2.5 yrs)

Tiny Tappers (2.5-3 Yrs.)-

This 30 minute class introduces our young movers to creative ballet, tap, and movement for preschoolers. By the use of engaging music, props, group dances, and basic dance skills, we introduce our young dancers to the joy of movement in a fun positive environment.

Tippy toes (3+4 Yrs.)-

Tippy toes (3+4 Yrs.)-. This 45 minute class introduces our little ones to the exciting world of dance! This class is designed with a variety of dance styles to accommodate a youngster’s attention span, and to expose each student with multiple dance forms. Each class consists of a combination of ballet, tap, kiddie-hop, coordination skills, rhythm, singing, and creative exercise dance.

Tumbling/Creative Movement (3-5 Yrs.)-

Tumbling/Creative Movement (3-5 Yrs.)- This 45 minute fun-filled class introduces basic dance & tumbling techniques from several disciplines including pre-ballet, creative movement, pre-jazz & pre-gymnastics. The children sing and execute correlated dance movements to the lyrics of the songs while following the instructor. Promotes basic motor skills development while teaching coordination, flexibility, strength, balance, confidence, and music appreciation. (Small scale gym equipment including mats, low balance beam, hula hoops & wedges).

Twinkle Starz (4-5 Yrs.)-

Each 45 minute class consists of a combination of ballet, tap, kiddie-hop, coordination skills, rhythm, singing, and creative exercise dance. In addition to learning basic dance terminology and body positioning, this class facilitates creativity, coordination, self-esteem, and development of fine and gross motor skills. Twinkle star students have fun dancing to familiar music and learning with props!

Hip Hop Kidz (4-6 Yrs.)-

The class will explore a broad spectrum of hip hop genres with a well rounded approach to the technique. The focus will be getting that hip hop flavor that is strong, clean and full of energy. Dancers will develop those crucial beginning skills of coordination, musicality and creative expression. The class atmosphere will be positive and encouraging promoting teamwork, cooperation and self-confidence.

Combination Class (5yrs.)-

This 45min-1 hour class consists of a combination of pre-ballet, tap, jazz, and an introduction to kiddy-hop. Skills that are introduced in our “Twinkle Stars” class are reinforced and new skills are added weekly to keep students entertained, engaged, and learning


This yoga practice is imaginative, physically engaging, with an introduction to the most basic yoga principles & strengthening Yoga postures combined with visual imagery helps kids explore relaxation techniques, promotes positive thoughts of habit, optimism, patience, resilience, spikes self-image, and teaches mindfulness. BRAIN:builds the power of focus, HEART:regulates emotions, repairing adversity, BODY:strenghthening coordination, and balance BREATHING:empowers kids with tools to self soothe and reduce anxiety.

Ballet (6+)-

Is the foundation of all forms of dance and helps the dancer develop poise, elegance, agility, fluidity, proper body alignment and technique, which should be incorporated in all styles of dance. A strong ballet foundation is critical to becoming a truly fine dancer in any dance form. Placement is determined by ballet instructor +/director.

Jazz (6+)-

Is a style of dance that emphasizes isolation of movement. It is a rhythmic dance form with ballet and modern dance contributing to its elegance. An emphasis is placed on explanation of terminology, strengthening turns, leaps, flexibility, technical execution and proper body placement. Incorporates learning steps and choreography to upbeat and current music!

Tap (6+)-

Creating rhythms and sounds, tap dancing is truly unique. Tap is percussive footwork that marks out rhythmic patterns on the floor. Tappers develop musicality, rhythm, quick thinking, and the ability to “hear” and count music.

Acrobatics “Acro” (6-18) –

Progressively teaches students how to confidently perform skill appropriate acrobatics. Beginner classes include rolls, cartwheels, handstands and many other skills. Acro teaches flexibility, balance, strength, muscle control, discipline, and concentration.

Hip Hop/Street-Jazz: (ages 6+)

Using funk and popular dance music, this class explores a fusion of a fast loose form of jazz, hip hop, street, break dancing moves, and popular dance. It is characterized by its vigorous athletic and bouncy style. Dancers will enjoy the latest hip hop, R&B, rap, and pop music. You can see this dance form on MTV. It is highly recommended that students studying hip hop take a jazz or ballet class in addition to hip hop class for proper alignment and technique.

Lyrical/Contemporary (ages 7+)-

Fusion of Ballet, Modern, and Jazz expressing emotion through dance. Movements of lyrical dance are characterized by their fluidity and grace, thus ballet is essential for the dancer. Contemporary dance challenges the dancer to move in a new, unconventional way (incorporating organic fluid and stilted movements, technical).

Pilates (12+/Adults)-

It is an exercise system that builds body awareness and core body strength without adding bulk, and the participants improve body strength and flexibility, while helping to prevent injury to your body. Postnatal Pilates Requirements: (Moms) Diastases check (Babies) 3 months or good neck control to 9 months or pre-mobile.

Barre Fitness-

Is an Innovative class that “blends the art of ballet and the strength and precision of Pilates”. It’s a series of exercises (with props) that strengthen, lengthen, and tone the body. It’s an INTENSE workout that results in a Total Body Transformation. This class is designed to give you a dancer-like body with long lean muscles, without the bulk. It helps to improve flexibility, increases stamina, and improves posture. It’s for ANYONE!

Yoga “Pure Vinyasa”

This class will blend several yoga styles with a knowledge of dance to create a rewarding, challenging and fun class called Pure Vinyasa. Vinyasa means breath- synchronized movement, and it develops cardiovascular benefits, strength, flexibility, focus, tone, and relaxation. All levels are welcome. Our instructor, Lois Englund is certified to teach Ashtanga, Anusara, Therapeutic, Restorative and Vinyasa style yoga.