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Move Chill Yoga With Rita (10 Week Sessions)

$160 for 10 WEEKS- 40 Min. classes

This yoga practice is imaginative, physically engaging, with an introduction to the most basic yoga principles & strengthening Yoga postures combined with visual imagery helps kids explore relaxation techniques, promotes positive thoughts of habit, optimism, patience, resilience, spikes self-image, and teaches mindfulness.

BRAIN: builds the power of focus

HEART: regulates emotions, repairing adversity

BODY: strengthening coordination, and balance

BREATHING: empowers kids with tools to self soothe and reduce anxiety.

10 Week Class Schedule (check studio calendar for academy closings) 2017/18 Season

Session #1 September 25th – December 9th
Session #2 December 11th – March 11th
Session #3 March 12th -May 27th

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