Ariana Acosta

Ariana Acosta has been dancing for 19 years and competitively for five years.   As a senior in high school, Ariana self-choreographed her senior solo placing top 10 and winning special judges awards as well as earning competition scholarships. Ariana started teaching/choreographing at 18 years old, where she won regional, national and world championships. In 2016, Ariana won a choreography award for her junior elite team and many more special judges awards. At 17, Ariana was a main dancer in the Cleopatra Clubs “Ride the Night” music video. In 2017, she was a part of Jacqulyn Buglisis’ “Table of Silence Project”, a tribute to those fallen during the 9/11 attack. In the fall of 2018, Ariana was invited to perform a contemporary piece at “Voices of Dance” in NYC as guest company member with Emotions Physical Theatre.  Ariana continues to teach and choreograph for classes involving, tap, ballet, hiphop and jazz and continues to  take regular classes at Broadway Dance Center in NYC.  Ariana graduated as a Psychology major with a focus on Dance/Creative Movement Therapy.  Her focus is to help others positively express their feelings through dance.